Robins Jeans Black/Blue/Emrald Stained Black Jean w/ Blue/Black/Clear stoned pocket flaps

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Robins Jeans Band

Black/Blue/Emerald Stained, heavily faded black colored jean with Blue/Black/Clear stoned pocket flaps


  • A beautiful color morphing stain job. Gives the impression of being multicolored depending upon the lighting of your surroundings.
  • Blue/Black/Clear stone pattern alternating with black round studs.
  • Distressing is NOT backed! Meaning you can see your leg through the holes. This is not a defect of the design.

Note: Robin's Jeans products normally run small. Make sure you order a size up from what your used to wearing. Example: If you wear a 34 jean or XL shirt, order a 36 jean or XXL shirt.